“Behind the Scenes”Day

About once a week I like to take the day and do what I like to call “behind the scenes” stuff. This could be laundry, cleaning, self grooming. Your body is a temple and no it doesn’t matter who or how many have worshiped there. The point is, it’s yours and so is the place you live in(technically it’s my landlord’s place but you know what I mean). Respect for myself starts here. I used to never clean or take extra care with my things and so what if I look like I just rolled out of bed, I’ve lived within a few miles of the beach my whole life, comes with the lifestyle. This lack of “give a crap” was great in my late teens and early 20’s when I was constantly at work or with my friends and still living for the weekend. Now I need to be a little more frugal with my money and I’ve weeded out the hundred of acquaintances down to several good friends I’d really like to spend my time with. As I get older I find that turning my place of quick bites and a space to crash into a personal haven has improved the quality of my life in ways I never imagined.

My mom’s immaculate house looks like the cover of Better Homes & Gardens. I don’t think I can keep up like that, nor do I want to try to be Martha Stewart. The level I try to be on is not being embarrassed when friends or family pop by unannounced. They know you “live” in that space. They know who you are and your habits and won’t be quick to judge some dishes in the sink or your mattress on the floor. There is a difference between messy and unclean. I live in a studio apartment for three reasons. One, I don’t like to clean. Small square footage equals less to clean. Two, to save money. Three, because I live in L.A. and truthfully it’s all I can afford. Having a smaller space is easier to manage especially because I get overwhelmed easily. I got a big push broom to run over the floors once a day which takes all of about 1 minute and mop once a week. You’d be surprised how stressful walking on a dirty floor is and can make you feel gross even after just taking a shower. I don’t plan on what to clean, that is ridiculous self help advice that puts more stress on trying to schedule. Just take a look around and clean what needs to be cleaned. You don’t have to do top to bottom every time you clean. You will burn yourself out. I also try to clean my sheets and towels once a week. That way laundry isn’t piling up and I usually have something appropriate to wear for whatever I’m doing instead of digging through a mountain picking through and smelling the clothes I want to wear to see if they are too funky to wear again. It’s not pretty and really stresses me out when I’m running late. Taking care of stuff once a week saves me from being stressed out with it the rest of the week.

Here’s some other things I do on “Behind the Scenes” Day : Grocery shop, Self Groom(eyebrows, file nails, wax that stache, etc.), go over my planner to get an idea of what my week is going to be like, Call & catch up with friends and family, check out my tires/fill them, clean out the fridge, etc.

Write to me and tell me what you do on your “Behind the Scenes” Day.


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