Don’t Underestimate Craigslist

This works in 3 ways,

1.)Everything in this picture except for the photo frame & candle was from “free” Craigslist.

2.)Keep to the “Guidelines” and always take extra care measures to clean and sanitize furniture, mattresses, & clothes.

3.) Be safe: Don’t go by yourself over an hour away in the “sketchy” part of town. Bring someone with you and use common sense when giving out personal information and going inside people’s houses. Male sure someone knows where you are going. That being said, did I mention I got all of this for free…


If you really want to shop for free and be successful you have to check it everyday, check only the “posted today”, and  “image only”. “posted today” because you don’t want anything that’s been sitting on the curb, out in the weather too long and because sometimes people will just place nice things on the curb in an effort to get rid of them quickly not because it’s crap. If any kind of furniture has been sitting out more than two days chances are that thing has bed bugs. Weather brings mildew. “images only” because you need to make sure it’s a real post and that it isn’t severely damaged and think they should rename it “free firewood”. Look at it before buying it. You don’t have to buy it if you show up. You don’t know those people. If it is rank when you get there, leave. What are they going to do? -Hold you down while the other throws it in the back? They’ll get over it. But in the same respect don’t keep someone waiting for a week and not be at least 99% sure you are going to take it.

Be Realistic. Don’t expect things to be fresh out of the box and never used. This stuff has been lived with and the people think it is at least functional enough not to just chuck in the dumpster . Being handy also helps. People are going to toss stuff out for the smallest reasons. Broken cabinet doors, lost screws, needs a new coat of paint, one square of re upholstery, a little sanding. This is where you embrace the DIY. There’s a reason a million people spend hours at a time on Pinterest. Careful, it’s easy to get lost and create a business plan for refurbishing furniture and selling it on Etsy.  More on the that later…

Upside, you will find some unique things for free.

*If you need to rent a truck try to schedule 3 or 4 pickups on the same day. Oh and if I haven’t stressed it enough be safe!



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