Little Night Out #1 – The Real OG

After both my partner and I got settled in to our apartment and our jobs we can finally pay bills without having to choose between food or gas but still, trying to go on any kind of date in California is too expensive. We went to Universal City Walk for dinner. After paying $10 to park we walked around for half an hour (it’s not a big place) looking at menus. You know what I mean, you skim over the prices to tell if you should even bother tempting yourself. Everything was out of our price range for a an “everyday date”. We just wanted a little dinner and maybe a glass of wine.

I figured I’d start off Little Night Out’s with something super simple and relatively accessible pretty much all over the U.S. Plus Italian is a crowd-pleaser.

The wonderful thing about Olive Garden is that they allow you to split meals. You’ll still get bread sticks and salad free with your meal! Granted if you want a refill on salad for splitting a meal, they will charge you but with all that food who needs a salad refill? With a glass of wine and a split meal our bill comes out roughly around $20 for everything, $25 with tip. $30 with a whole bottle of wine if we are feeling like savoring the date.


I would definitely suggest getting “The Tour of Italy” to split. It has alfredo, lasagna, and chicken parmesan. A little something for all types of OG lovers! If you want to add a little something more to your meal, dipping sauces for bread sticks a cheap add on.

What I find also makes a cheap date special is to dress up like you’re going to paint the town red with your twenty dollars.Take a shower, dress up, and be there for the experience no matter how much you spend, or don’t spend preferably.


Introducing “Little Night Out”

Welcome to what I’m hoping will be the first of many, “Little Night Out”. I want you to pay a little and have a lot of fun.

I know how it is, You and your spouse…or triad? are working yet great dates seem unreachable. For me it always seems the rent just got paid, the car just broke down, and the dog just threw up something bright purple reminding me I was right to wait on having children.  Alas, you and I long for romance, passion! Sure you can Pintrest the hell out of “Date Night In” until you want to vomit sheet forts and Christmas lights but adventure is calling! I’m going to post extensive how to’s on date nights on a budget. I will even tell you how to plan it. All you have to do is decide which ones sound the best!

If you have any requests or ideas for “Little Night Out”s  that you would like us to make a plan and check out let us know!

My Next Step

When I first moved to LA 7 months ago my partner and I had little to nothing, one income, and some optimism. I wrote about my conquest thru the desert and gave you some survival tips. Then I told you about my master “Free Craigslist” plan and how to make the most of it. Well, for the last several months there was even more figure out.  There always is, right? I was having trouble finding steady income in this town. In LA you had better  know someone who can get you a career oriented job. Other jobs like serving make decent money here because they pay at least minimum wage unlike states like Florida who don’t pay full minimum wage. Their excuse is, you get tipped but as you know not everyone tips and you aren’t always working at Olive Garden. Here, employers take full responsibility in making sure their workers get paid decently but I knew didn’t want to serve again. I had been a server on and off again most of my life. Never again I said…

So what happened…I caved and ended up getting a serving job at a staffing company bouncing around from charity events to weddings. There’s a lot of staffing companies for events here. The company I got hired with paid the most it seemed, $15/hour, but my checks were consistently late and the events are utter chaos for staff. Usually more than one staffing company gets hired for an event which means multiple bosses. Chain of command is often argued over between managers and any mistakes made because of eight different people telling you what to do is your fault. Even though this was all frustrating to say the least I stuck with it for a while and tired to give 100%. My boss noticed and sent me constant praises along with still late paychecks. I took charge on my own and often ended up directing others but gigs were few and far in between. So I took to Craigslist again.

Next I got a gig working as a personal aide. I learned a lot from that job and was thankful for the experience even though it was short lived. Unfortunately, I still needed more consistency. “What about my job?” said Christina.  “I think it would be perfect for you.” We fantasized about me working there but months seemed to pass by with no window of opportunity, until finally I got a call asking me to fill in for another PA who was going to be out for a week. The people and job were wonderful and as my last day approached I started to get depressed that opportunity was just teasing me. More months passed after my one week of work and I was starting to think no other gig would become available in time. We were struggling and I needed decent income. Finally they called and asked me to start back on a few month project this time. Lucky me, I’m currently still on that project and am hoping to keep getting rehired. Right now I don’t plan on having a career in Post Production but if there ‘s anything the whole experience of moving here has taught me is that opportunity is everywhere, be open-minded, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.