Little Night Out #1 – The Real OG

After both my partner and I got settled in to our apartment and our jobs we can finally pay bills without having to choose between food or gas but still, trying to go on any kind of date in California is too expensive. We went to Universal City Walk for dinner. After paying $10 to park we walked around for half an hour (it’s not a big place) looking at menus. You know what I mean, you skim over the prices to tell if you should even bother tempting yourself. Everything was out of our price range for a an “everyday date”. We just wanted a little dinner and maybe a glass of wine.

I figured I’d start off Little Night Out’s with something super simple and relatively accessible pretty much all over the U.S. Plus Italian is a crowd-pleaser.

The wonderful thing about Olive Garden is that they allow you to split meals. You’ll still get bread sticks and salad free with your meal! Granted if you want a refill on salad for splitting a meal, they will charge you but with all that food who needs a salad refill? With a glass of wine and a split meal our bill comes out roughly around $20 for everything, $25 with tip. $30 with a whole bottle of wine if we are feeling like savoring the date.


I would definitely suggest getting “The Tour of Italy” to split. It has alfredo, lasagna, and chicken parmesan. A little something for all types of OG lovers! If you want to add a little something more to your meal, dipping sauces for bread sticks a cheap add on.

What I find also makes a cheap date special is to dress up like you’re going to paint the town red with your twenty dollars.Take a shower, dress up, and be there for the experience no matter how much you spend, or don’t spend preferably.


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