Let’s face it, we live in hard times, politically, spiritually and economically . It’s rough out there. Good jobs with decent pay are hard to come by. Don’t forget you need to be 22 with 30 years of experience. Prince/ess Charming already married someone else and “courting” is something that only happens when you have to debate your last speeding ticket. Women have moved up in the world but not quite enough, not quite equal.  We were brought up to be perfect at the task ahead or not to try at all. Well to hell with all that. Movies, the media, and labels do not define us. You are your own worst enemy as well as the heroine to your own story. Embrace the good and bad and break the mold you’ve made for yourself.

Let’s get right to the point. Read my stories, get a little advice, and find ways to live free and without barriers.